Green Card Based on SIJ Status

Once you have met all the eligibility requirements for SIJ status, you need to establish your eligibility for a green card. You may need to file for a waiver in order to get a green card if you have certain ineligibilities (known as “inadmissibilities”).

For example, you might not qualify for a green card if you are (or were):

A risk to people or property, because of a mental or physical disorder
A prostitute or pimp
A drug addict or abuser
An alien smuggler
However, the law has exceptions. For example, you may receive an exemption if you:

Now get medical treatment that controls a dangerous mental or physical disorder
Were forced into prostitution
Were arrested only once for drugs, and only for 30 grams or less of marijuana
Had smuggled only your parents or brothers/sisters into the United States
In addition, many of the reasons other green card applicants do not qualify might NOT apply to you as an SIJ, such as if you:

Cannot financially support yourself
Are unlawfully present in the United States
Entered the United States by hiding on a boat, airplane, or other transport (as a stowaway)
Do not have a proper visa or passport
USCIS can waive most other disqualifying grounds if you show a good reason for a waiver, such as:

Humanitarian concerns or in the public interest.
In order to request a waiver, file a Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

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